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Good Morning Christine.

Just a note to thank you for so kindly waiting for me to find your office yesterday. Thank you for waiting for me and treating me after your regular hours.

I am so grateful and appreciative of your time and patience.

Christine, since December 19, 2016 when I had my dental procedure done I have been in pain. My lower jaw hurt and I was sensitive to drinking water. I have gone to the same dentist 3 times since then and they have adjusted the crown each time and nothing has been resolved. The dentist said I would probably need a root canal. So I went and got a second opinion and the oral surgeon said the same thing that I would need a root canal. I have had to take Aleve almost everyday to help me deal with the pain. Usually, I do not take any pain medication.

I decided to give biomagnetism a try to see if it would alleviate some of the pain. I am so glad I did. After my treatment last evening, I went home and I realize my pain level was very minimal compare to the past 4 weeks.

I went to bed and did not take the pain medication. I woke up with no pain. I was able to eat and and drink with almost no discomfort this morning. I know it will take time to completely heal but thanks to you, I am starting to feel better.

Warm Regards.


Christine is truly a gifted Goiz Biomagnetic Pair Therapist. I have been suffering with a respiratory infection for 5 weeks when I luckily found Christine's website. I called her and set up my first appointment. Christine is a caring professional with the most amazing bedside manner. She emanates a healing vibration that coupled with her knowledge of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy creates rapid healing. I found myself so relaxed during my session that I fell asleep at certain points. At the end of the session I felt refreshed and had an increase in the circulation of energy in my body. I also noticed my perception of the world was clearer. This is something I don't usually experience with other methods of alternative healing. A few days after my first session I showed signs of improvement and scheduled a second appointment a few days later. I'm doing much better after each treatment and highly recommend a series of sessions to balance the energy in the body. The longer a person has had a condition several sessions may be needed to re-balance the body. I am so comfortable having Christine work on me that I also had her do a session on my wife and my 5 year old. They both had a very relaxing experience. My son fell asleep during his session and he never takes naps in the afternoon. He was just incredibly relaxed as his body was being balanced by the magnetic pair therapy. I highly recommend Christine Miller since she is certified by Dr. Goiz Duran to do biomagnetic pair therapy and she knows what she is doing.

- Drew from Oceanside, CA


Estoy muy agradecida con Christine pues el tratamiento que recibí con el Par Biomagnético hizo que instanatáneamente desaparecieran los vértigos que venía sufriendo desde algún tiempo, al contrario de otros tratamientos médicos tradicionales que habia recibido hasta ese momento.


I am very grateful to Christine; my treatment with Biomagnetic Pair instantly made the vertigo from which I suffered for a while disappear, unlike traditional treatments I've had up to this point.

Sara from Guadalajara, Mexico


Hola soy Martha Segura

Fui a terapia el jueves pasado (junio 27 de 2013) quiero contarle que me fue de maravilla veremos los resultados de laboratorio despues pero por el momento quiero decirle que ese dia senti mucho dolor en mi vientre solo ese dia y en la noche vino mi menstruacion, lo cual traia atrasada desde mayo 13 muchas gracias por todo seguro volvere a ir para llevar a mis hijos y de nuevo yo jeje, me tome el atrevimiento de darle la informacion a una amiga que tiene problemitas asi que creo luego la contactara para una cita de nuevo gracias


Hi, I'm Martha Segura

I went to have therapy last Thursday (June 27, 2013) I want to tell you that it went marvelously. We'll see what the lab results say later, but for the moment, I want to say that that day I felt so much pain in my abdomen, just on that day and at night, I started my period, which had been delayed since May 13th. Thank you for everything. I'll be back to take my kids and to have another session myself, haha. I was bold enough to give your information to a friend who has minor problems, so I think she will contact you for an appointment. Thanks again!

Martha Segura San Diego, CA

I had gall bladder surgery on Friday, had some complications (two stones had escaped the bladder before the surgery and lodged in the bile duct), and had to have a second surgery on Sunday. Needless to say, after pain like I've never experienced in my life, double anesthesia, double mega doses of morphine, antibiotics, and other fun stuff, I was feeling so badly, I couldn't eat, sleep, was constantly nauseated, emotional, tired and generally out of whack.

A friend of mine in Mexico recommended that I try Bio magnetic Pair Therapy. I'm usually not into alternative medicine but I was so desperate I decided to give it a try. A quick Google search took me to Christine's site. What a delightful lady! She came to my house, her rate was very affordable, she did the treatment and I immediately felt better. It was as if the illness was lifted from my more nausea, pain, depression, only an overall well-being!

I highly recommend Christine!

Karen - San Diego, CA

Christine is a miracle worker !!! I was getting horrible vertigo and after only two treatments with her, my vertigo is gone!!! I am trying to get my family to see her. She is great to work with and listens to you. I can't believe my vertigo is gone. Thank you Christine !!! I will be back ! And so much cheaper than the doctors !

Alisha E. San Diego, CA

I've gotten urinary tract infections regularly - I'm talkin' every two months - since I was eighteen years old. Within a day of receiving this treatment, the oncoming UTI was cleared up WITHOUT antibiotics! Within two days of the treatment, I realized I was able to breathe through my nose for more than ten minutes at a time for the first time since...EVER. My God, I heard Dr. Oz comment once that "energy medicine" is the future. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the future is upon us!

Joey C. San Diego, CA

I just got my second treatment last Thursday. I'm feeling awesome! The pain on the side of my rib cage- which had been haunting me for almost 6 months- has completely disappeared. Also, the burning sensation in my throat and the thyroid inflammation have all gone!! The symptoms and their side effects have also disappeared. To make things even better, my mother,whom I took in two weeks ago, is sleeping like a baby ( no more sleepless nights!) Christine I want to thank you so much for everything you do in this field. It is interesting to hear about the biomagnetic pair treatment, but actually getting treated and living the results for one's self is a marvelous and one of a kind experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Crystal F. San Diego, CA


Hola! Me llamo Gerardo! Primero quiero agradecer a dios por mi recuperación, tanbien por haber puesto en mi camino a mi biomagnoterapista Cristine, quien con el conocimiento de la terapia supo como curar todos mis males los cuales fueron ansiedad, contracturas musculares y una que otra bacteria y hongo. Le estoy sumamente agradecido por su ayuda y paciencia al atenderme. Por lo tanto yo recomiendo su terapia para tratar casi cualquier mal o dolencia!


Hi, my name is Gerardo. First I'd like to thank God for my recovery, also for having brought my therapist Christine into my life. She knew how to cure all of my problems; anxiety, muscle spasms, and a few bacterias and fungi. I am extremely grateful for her help and her patience in treating me. I recommend her therapies for just about any discomfort or illness.

Gerardo, San Diego, CA

Where to start?I am an adult, living in France and had been unwell for a while. Not life or death sick but continuously one thing after another which indicated a weak immune system.

I eat very healthily, exercise using a Bellicon trampoline and walk every day. I don’t normally take medicines or even visit the doctor very often and so, it made no sense to me. I was suffering from thread worms, which I’d had for about seven months) Then, I cut my hand gardening and it got very infected. I went to the pharmacy, thinking it was just an allergy and was told to get to the doctor immediately. The doctor scared the life out of me and advised me to have a tetanus jab along with a course of the dreaded antibiotics too.

Well, that combination really put me on a downward spiral to the point that my tongue turned black (toxins) and as a “bonus”, a fungal infection, the severity of which, I wouldn’t have thought possible. I was in a bad way.

That’s what brought me to discover biomagnetism pairs. I think someone recommended magnetic water for the fungal infection and it went from there. I searched for a local biomagnetism practitioner; no luck, and looked elsewhere and found some practitioners who believed in distance healing. So I emailed a few and then I found Christine. I saw a photograph of her and read her website and she felt like the right person for me. After we exchanged emails, she struck me as being totally dedicated to healing. So I had a distance treatment with her. What this entailed, was that Christine found a known surrogate, who would have the magnets placed on them, on my behalf? I sent a photo of myself and we spoke via Skype and that was it.

The results of the first treatment blew me away. My tongue cleared up, my eyes cleared up, the worms left me peacefully, I had more energy, I slept really well. After several days, the tongue darkened a little and then cleared again and the worms bothered me for one night, so I decided after a week to have another treatment, to give more energy to the first treatment.

After the second treatment, everything cleared up and hasn’t returned. My tongue back to a healthy colour, I have no problems with worms at all; clear eyes, a terrific amount of energy, mentally positive (it’s pretty draining to have stuff troubling you constantly). Really, I have never felt better. I just feel alive again. I feel like I can do anything and I am, but that’s another story.

I hadn’t realised just how badly ­affected my health had become. So, I’m really happy to have found Christine and I absolutely recommend her on the basis of my experience. It’s biomagnetism all the way for me, should I ever have a health problem again.

J.M. Burgundy, France