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Method for scanning and detecting imbalance

The methods used to diagnose diseases by the mainstream scientific community requires the assistance of electronic equipment, chemical solutions, microscopes and other spiritually handicapping technology. The scientific community is generally averse to anything that cannot be explained with mathematical formulas or rational explanations. Unfortunately, it is this mindset that has prevented alternative methods to be widely accepted in the medical profession.

In the field of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, there is a simple way to determine the areas of imbalance in the body by measuring the length of the patient's legs before and after a magnetic trigger is applied. This method, which is similar to Kinesliology, was once patented in the United States Patent service, and applies the science of dual-poled magnetic fields in biological systems to scan and diagnose for unhealthy or diseased organs and tissues in the body. (See U.S. patent filing here.)

To understand this method, one must be able to open his or her mind to alternative thinking. One must be able to conceive of forces and energies beyond sense perception. Human beings, like other living creatures on Earth, are endowed with the incredible ability to access intelligence that we have not fully explored in modern times or with mechanical equipment; energies that are not perceived by the five physical senses.

Magnetic fields, for example, are present everywhere at all times. We carry magnetic fields within us in every cell, as do bacteria and other organisms. Our bodies are electrically and magnetically charged, and therefore, responsive to magnetic and biochemical imbalances.

The Biomangetic Pair therapist begins the imbalance scanning process by laying the patient on a flat surface facing up (supine position). Generally a massage table or other therapeutic bed is used. The patient's feet should dangle slightly on the edge of the bed so that they can be lifted to measure the legs. Next, the therapist lifts the feet into his/her hands and begins to chant (call out) the names of the organs. By using language to communicate with the body's intelligence, the therapist is able to quickly identify the parts of the body which are experiencing a distortion in pH levels.

When a body part is "chanted," the body understands this to be a question "is there an imbalance?" If the body part (for example the pancreas) is suffering from extreme acid conditions, this indicates the presence of a fungus or virus. The body, then, will respond by contracting the right side of the body, and the right leg will appear shorter than the left. The therapist will know to place a positively charged magnet (south pole) on this organ (pancreas) to reverse the low pH and restore a balance between acid and base. A second magnet will be placed on a corresponding point that Dr. Goiz has determined is the oppositely charged organ/tissue. This opposite point is where a bacteria or parasite has created an overly-alkaline environment. Therefore, the negatively charged magnet (north pole) will be placed there to restore pH neutrality.

Every time the therapist places a pair in its position, the body will relax and the right leg will return to its normal length. Many times, the leg's contraction is very noticeable, while other times, it may be subtle. Well trained therapists are able to distinguish between a true contraction or false contraction. In fact, a therapists skill is measured by his or her confidence and instinct.

After approximately one hour, the therapist has identified and impacted all the imbalances that the body is able to communicate at that time. The magnets will lay on the body for at least 20 minutes in order to sufficiently impact the cells and the pathogens within the magnetic fields. When the impact completes, the pathogens will no longer be able to produce the cellular functions as before, because the terrain in which they thrived has changed. The pH levels are no longer favorable to them, and they will cease to produce symptoms. Some believe that the pH alteration causes the pathogens to be destroyed, while others believe they mutate (morph) to less toxic or dangerous micro-organisms. In either case, the patient will quickly notice that the signs and symptoms with which they had presented will disappear.

Finally, the magnets are removed and the patient may immediately return to his or her normal daily activities. In most cases, there are absolutely no side effects. In rare cases, there are detoxification reactions in the body. Dr. Goiz says that the possibility exists that a "curative crisis" may occur. This is the body's natural reaction to sudden changes in its functioning. The normal duration of a crisis of this sort is 1 to 3 days, if it occurs at all.