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Interview with Doctor Isaac Goiz Duran, discussing the discovery of two pairs, and healing at a distance using Bioenergética (Bioenergy)

English translation by Christine Miller

Dr. Goiz: ...and with this we began to discover the biomagnetic pairs. The second pair corresponded to armpit/armpit, where we discovered the rabies virus. Because of vaccines or close contact with infected animals, the virus installs in humans, rarely human to human, but always from animal to human, and it perpetuates with vague, confusing and profuse symptomology, like irritated larynx, chronic coughing, and sometimes some behavioral changes, but this happens unnoticed, and because we (allopathic doctors) treat the symptoms, we prescribe medication to treat those symptoms. The next biomagnetic pair was Tuberculosis. We received a boy with an enlarged lymph node, he had been diagnosed with lymph node Tuberculosis confirmed by the Instituo de Enfermedades Pulmonares de Huipulco, and upon scanning him we discovered that the illness corresponds to supraspinatus/supraspinatus, which is this zone here (pointing to area above shoulders) where military insignias are located. Incredibly, upon impacting those charges, eight days later the boy presents with no more runny nose, lymphatic scarring, and healed! Clinically healed! Obviously with this, many problems come up for investigators, because right away they want to see demonstrations in lab studies and research and such. And this is what I've been fighting with health authorities about; that they allow me to demonstrate these phenomena, in studies that are supervised under the protocols of high level institutions so that they can say this is true.

Narrator: Like with all great discoveries, there are many opposing interests that would rather that these are not divulged. The discovery of the Biomagnetic Pair is no exception.

Dr. Goiz: Well the problems started ever since I communicated this to my wife in a very confidential manner, because obviously, when she saw the magnitude of this possible discovery, she suggested that I not divulge it, that I not say anything. But on the other hand, as a doctor and because of the ethics that drives us, I insisted in notifying the health authorities. Obviously they didn't accept this at first, so I approached CONASIDA (National Advisory Board for People with AIDS) and I was not well received; the executive board member told me to leave, telling me that AIDS couldn't even be cured in other countries and how dare I say that AIDS is curable! So then I went to Dr. Patricia Uribe, who was also an executive board member, and she told me to send a document explaining my thinking. You see in those days there were horrible things like hormone injections for Demonoc, supposedly to counteract the effects of the virus, application of large quantities of carbonates to counteract the pH, and they know that there is an acid pH, the doctors I mean, the investigators. But to this day Dr. Uribe hasn't answered me and it's been many years since then, 20 years. So I continued to insist until finally, I sent a letter to the President of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and he kindly responded saying that the health ministries should help me. Dr. Jesus Cumate Rodriguez, who was the Health Secretary, sends me a memo saying that I should send a written statement where I talk about the history and theoretical supporting evidence and all the implications and the effects on the body, and so on. So he lists these 10 points that he requires of me, being the investigator that he is, naturally. But we're dealing with a new discovery, a novelty, something unheard of, that not even I understood yet. Obviously I sent letters trying to cover all the points that the Secretary demanded, but ultimately I kept hitting a brick wall. Dr. Cumate finally said that four of his undersecretaries would help me. But the same four undersecretaries demanded and demanded documents that I just couldn't satisfy because of the novelty of this case. Finally I stopped trying to get the attention of the Health Secretary; they difinitively wouln't permit me to do research in any of the government hospitals. Incredibly, I wrote to the director of ISSSTE (Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers) Dr. Martinez Corbala, an engineer, and he ordered that they pay attention to me, and that they conduct an investigation in the matter, but incredibly, the doctors and these second level clinics with whom I ultimately ended up, also didn't permit the investigation to take place. Dr. Genaro Borrego at the Mexican Institute of Social Security was also informed, and the same thing, we didn't get a favorable response.

Narrator: Nevertheless, a discovery of such an important phenomenon for the scientific community, like Biomagnetic Pair, requires much sacrifice.

Vivian Goiz (daughter): I remember that my father, like all researchers in their dedication to service, has invested so much of his time attending to his patients, in broadening his research of the Biomagnetic Pair, and of course in the dissemination of the Biomagnetic Pair as well as Bioenergy, which was discovered in 1993. Consequently, he spent little time with his family. Nevertheless, this sacrifice hasn't been in vain, as it has brought many benefits for humanity.

Dr. Goiz: The phenomenon that we call Biomagnetic Pair is important for the health of the patient, but in 1993, in April, I spontaneously discovered that the phenomenon that the magnets produce in the presence of distorted charges in the human body can also be produced by the power of thoughts. This is now a phenomenon that is strictly between the mind of the therapist and the biological behavior of the damaged tissue. And this opens up new possibilities to understanding the pathology, because we are now going into such depth of understanding that we couldn't achieve with simple magnets, obviously. And this opens doors to psychological, emotional, and spiritual problems, and obviously this shatters the constructs of conventional medicine, when we delve into such depths of the human body. So I worked on this for another two years, and in 1995, thanks to the spontaneous cure of a man named Chiro Ayello, he in turn asked me to cure his brother in a town called Piano Sorrento, Italy. This man suffered from such a terrible migraine that he had contemplated suicide. We gave it a try and managed to impact the phenomenon from Mexico to Italy, and for the first time, a patient was cured at a distance.


Video testimonials from other patients

English translation by Christine Miller

Disclaimer: The medical cases that we shall see next are from real patients who have experienced the benefits of Biomagnetism, and were given volutarily and of their own free will.

Maria was treated by a therapist in Mexico, but was not in physical proximity to her therapist. In this video, the patient shares her experience with distance healing using Bioenergetic Therapy using Dr. Goiz's "pair" system.

Maria: Well, hi, I'm Maria Veronica Arellano Gomez, I'd like to give my testimony that I was cured at a distance by my therapist. I was hospitalized because I was diagnosed with severe Preeclampsia. So I had been in the hospital for more than 8 days, I was getting very frustrated, I called my [bioenergetic] therapist and told her we should get in touch during a more calm time. I got in touch with her and she did a therapy from a distance with the magnets. Really, I felt more relaxed, I felt at ease, in contact with her. By ten minutes to eight, they measured my blood pressure and I was told I was 120 over 80, after it had been 180 over 100, 130 over 100, my pressure never went lower than that. I was surprised! In that moment I wanted to cry, to tell the whole world that my blood pressure went down, but obviously I couldn't. My husband was there, and he says "it's not possible!" I said “yes...I did this with my therapist and that it was a long distance cure with the magnets, biomagnetism.” So I called my therapist and told her that I was so surprised. This helped me so much. All night, my pressure was lower, no longer 120 over 80, but we kept taking my pressure, like four times, and from 120 over 80 it got lower and lower. The weekend passed and by Monday, I was released from the hospital. END

My name is Erica Andrades Solorio. I was for some time being treated by a gynecologist. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. My doctor wanted to remove my uterus because I had excessive bleeding all the time. It was abundant, sometimes it would last weeks at a time, I couldn't go out without a sanitary napkin because the bleeding came so suddenly and without warning. It was very uncomfortable, but I didn't want to have my uterus removed at such a young age. An aunt of mine studied medical biomagnetism with Dr. Goiz Duran and she talked to me about this, and advised me to let her treat me, that people can cure with magnets. She scanned me and detected a bacteria and a dysfunction in one of my ovaries. She said it wasn't endometriosis, that it was a bacteria and that I had a partial ovarian dysfunction. We began the treatment, and by the third session, I had no more bleeding. It's been three years since I've had the bleeding and I feel very good! Every once in a while, I ask her to treat me with the magnets, but just as a preventive measure. I have had no more bleeding. END