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Biomagnetismo y Diabetes

By Sergio Córdova director of Centro Ohani

Translation by Christine Miller

Millions of people suffer from different types of diabetes (high sugar levels in the blood) and don't even know it. The symptoms may present as: frequent urination, thirst, hunger, weight loss, fatigue, irritability, vision problems, frequent infections, pronounced cuts and bruises that take long to heal, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, skin infections, gum disease, and bladder infections.

Until recently, conventional medicine suggested that this condition is irreversible and that it is caused by malfunctioning pancreas that could no longer produce insulin that the organism needs to convert sugar into energy. In moderate cases, it is recommended that a diet low in carbs and sugar be implemented, as well as a regimen of hypoglycemic medication. In more severe cases, insulin injections are suggested.

Nevertheless, Dr. Isaac Goiz's extraordinary development of biomagnetism--a therapy that involves using magnets to balance the polar energy of the human organism--could, in many cases, reverse diabetes to the point that medication may be suspended by the patient's doctor.

These incredible health improvements are possible thanks to the magnet's ability to destroy various micro-organisms that, according the Dr. Goiz, are responsible for this illness.

Micro-organisms, such as Staphylococco Aureus, Clamydia Trachomatis, Spirochete, some viruses, Salmonella Typhi, intestinal parasites, and others, could manifest in "false" diabetes. This occurs when the toxins of certain pathogens, which may not necessarily be in the pancreas, produce toxins that damage the proper chemical functioning of insulin.

When magnets are placed in the designated biomagnetic pair (where the pathogens are located) they are destroyed, and when this happens, their disease manifestation improves, such as false diabetes.

Even when the disease is an actual case of diabetes Mellitus, the harmonizing action of ionic charges from the magnets can correct certain dysfunctions and improve the condition to some degree.

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