Biomagn​etic Pair Therapy

San Diego

Balanc​ed Biomagnetic, Dr. Isaac Goiz Certified

(619) 339-8527

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Sessions at our clinic are $75.

Sessions at a distance are $75.

Sessions provided at your home or office bare no extra cost if within 5 miles of our mailing address. Any distance beyond 5 miles incurs $1.50 per mile extra. For example, a patient who lives 45 miles from the office will be billed for 40 miles outside of the 5 mile free zone, or $135.

In order to qualify for Biomagnetic Pair therapy, you must not have had:


Blood transfusions

Organ or tissue transplants

For your therapies, it is very helpful to wear snug-fitting clothing. Pants are recommended. Skirts and baggy shorts are not advisable. Please inform us if you have metal implants, or electronic medical equipment, as these may affect or interfere with the therapy.

Please note: If you have an implantable medical device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or liver infusion pump, avoid exposure to magnets, as they may affect the way your medical device functions