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If you are not yet familiar with Biomagnetic Pair therapy, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to find out more. The revolutionary technique of balancing our internal pH using distinct sets of magnetic points will surely become the standard of practice of healing and wellness in the near future. This concept was discovered and developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, a Mexican medical doctor and holistic therapist, who focuses primarily in energy-based disciplines.

Dr. Goiz and Christine Miller

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán has very successfully treated more than 250,000 patients with Medical Biomagnetism and has trained more than 5,000 Medical Doctors and other health therapists from many different countries, including Chile, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Germany, England and the United States. His therapy promises to become a fast-growing and effective alternative and/or complement to traditional Western medicine. Today, we are on the cusp of a new era in health and wellness.

Very little is spoken about the importance of pH balance in living organisms, much less of pH balance in specific areas of our bodies. It is important to understand, firstly, that many organs and tissue in our bodies exist in varying levels of pH. Some areas must be acid for homeostasis, such as the stomach and saliva. Other areas must tend toward alkalinity for homeostasis, such as pancreatic juice and bile. These pH levels may, at times, leave their normal range and become overly acidic, or overly alkaline. Many factors can cause these extreme conditions, including mental and emotional stress, exposure to radiation or pollutants, poor diet, and invasion from micro-organisms. Micro-organisms have a keen ability to alter the pH of their environment. When extreme conditions arise that take pH out of its neutral range, many micro-organisms will further alter the pH until the body's response manifests in symptoms that are merely hidden by medication, but never treated.

"We're starting from the premise that of all the balances the human body strives to maintain, the most crucial is the one between acid and base (or alkaline)." From the book, The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, by Dr. Robert O. Young

Furthermore, it is Dr. Goiz's theory that these thriving communities of pathogens become symptomatic in human organisms when they create relationships with each other. That is to say, certain micro-organisms depend on each other and establish relationships with each other in order to survive. These relationships, he says, are the root of symptomatic toxicity within the human body.

For example, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasitic organisms rely on each other for the production and synthesis of muco-proteins, enzymes and other molecules. By creating a communication network via magnetic fields, these organisms are able to share their genetic information and their byproducts, which ultimately become toxins that damage or alter their host cells and organs (1). One common cell alteration is the infamous tumor, or neoplasia, which Dr. Goiz has determined to be a completely reversible phenomenon if the pH is balanced at the affected site, and the pathogens involved have been destroyed. While scientists continue to claim that tumors and cancer are a genetic defect, Dr. Goiz argues that nature does not, on its own, produce defective genetic material, rather the genetic material from micro-organisms, or other external influences are the cause of temporary cellular misbehavior.

"Health depends on the internal equilibrium of the living organism." Claude Bernard

By applying magnets directly where the micro-organisms are established, the terrain in which they live is altered in terms of its chemical polarity, thereby altering the way these micro-organisms metabolize the ionic compounds needed for their survival. Click HERE to read about the diagnostic method used to detect pH imbalances in the patient's body.

Dr. Goiz first made these observations when he treated an HIV patient in 1988. He discovered that the symptoms of HIV, which are today classified as AIDS, were caused by two pathogens that resonated with each other: the HIV virus and Escherichia coli, which are located in the thymus and rectum, respectively. (2) He took this theory further by applying basic laws of physics, postulating that by placing a negatively charged magnet of medium intensity on one location (which he determined was overly acidic) and a positively charged magnet on its corresponding pair (the overly alkaline point), the two areas return to a neutral pH, the pathogens are devitalized, and therefore the disease would disappear. All of his patients who suffered from AIDS, or AIDS-like symptoms recovered. It is important to note that upon impacting the pathogens, the HIV virus and Escherichia coli will become neutralized, but Dr. Goiz emphasizes that the antibodies that the body developed during the infection remain part of the genetic code of the patient. Therefore, with his patients, followup tests continued to reveal traces of the antigen for the virus or bacteria that were impacted, but it did not indicate the presence of the disease. This is important, because the medical industry continues to use these unreliable markers to test and diagnose many diseases.

Microorganisms which grow at an optimum pH well below neutrality (7.0) are called acidophiles. Those which grow best at neutral pH are called neutrophiles and those that grow best under alkaline conditions are called alkaliphiles. Dr. Kenneth Todar, PhD.

In a recent trial conducted by Dr. Bryan L. Frank in an African village in Kenya, a team examined the laboratory responses of patients with laboratory-documented typhoid fever who were treated with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. The study was an assessment of patients' response to treatment with only Biomagnetic Pair Therapy for Salmonella typhi infections (typhoid fever) using standard conventional laboratory techniques. The research was conducted in an outpatient village clinic.

There were 52 participants who were evaluated for possible systemic illness, including typhoid fever, from an open-label study. Participants who felt sick and requested testing for possible typhoid fever were tested with a standard Widal test by a certified laboratory technician. Participants who tested positive (13 patients) were then treated with BPT (a “First Aid” approach) only. These participants then returned for follow-up laboratory and clinical evaluations after 2 days. 10 of the 13 patients retested as negative, and all patients reported symptomatic clinical improvement. (3)

Earlier observations of energetic interactions between microorganisms magnetic or radio frequencies were made by scientists like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Dr. Arthur Kendall as early as the 1920's. They claimed that the vibrational frequencies of pathogens, including viruses, were detectable by observing them in a monochromatic light using a Risley quartz prism (4) These organisms could be devitalized by submitting them to beams of electromagnetic energy that matched their oscillating frequencies. In his medically published papers, Dr. Rife wrote that the cure for many diseases, including cancer, was owed to the elimination of micro-organisms which were responsible for abnormal, and/or malignant cell behavior (5).

Dr. Goiz's theory that tumors, cancer, HIV and other 'incurable' diseases are curable has brought unwanted attention by the medical authorities. For this reason, therapists in the discipline are cautioned against making claims of cures. This word will, therefore, not be applied here.

The Golden Rules of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

from The Biomagnetic Pair, by Dr. Goiz Duran (p. 99-100)

Biomagnetic medicine is a diagnostic - therapeutic procedure.

The positive biomagnetic pole is formed by the presence of hydrogen ions, H+, and/or pathogenic viruses.

The negative biomagnetic pole is formed by the presence of free radicals and/or pathogenic bacteria.

The poles are vibrational and energetic resonances.

The poles are depolarized by magnetic induction of fields greater than 1000 Gauss.

The biomagnetic depolarization obeys the universal law of charges. Biomagnetic induction is instantaneous but the charge is exhausted in seconds.

The ideal magnetic fields for induction are in the order of 5,000 to 10,000 Gauss.

When the biomagnetic poles are impacted, the pathogenic viruses lose their genetic information and the bacteria loses its favorable alkaline medium for metabolism and reproduction.

Theoretically, only one impact is required to eradicate a Biomagnetic Pair and it does not reactivate again.

Negative biomagnetic poles are broad, while positive biomagnetic poles specific.

Biomagnetic poles have their specific opposing poles, but occasionally, a pole can support more than one contrary pole.

Positive biomagnetic poles are asymptomatic, that is, the patient does not present with any symptoms; they cannot be detected by conventional forms of diagnoses and, therefore, would not respond to medication.

Negative biomagnetic poles are symptomatic and respond to medicinal treatments.

The normal energetic level (NEL) cannot generate pathogenic micro organisms, but they can manifest by themselves and by their metabolites.

Natural permanent magnets of medium intensity are non-toxic and cannot damage the organs or tissues when they are applied in pairs. The magnets focus energy on the pathogens, but do not alter cellular metabolism or tissue entropy. That is, the magnets can only give order to a disordered system but not the other way around.

Hydrogen bridges cannot be broken by magnetism, however they can be broken by electricity, heat and radiation.

There are five types of Biomagnetic Pairs (BMP):

Regular pairs: Identify pathogenic micro-organisms whether they are viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Special pairs: Identify tissue alterations not caused by pathogenic micro organisms.

Dysfunctional pairs: Identify internal alterations and their hormonal production

Complex pairs: Identify associations between two or more pairs that manifest in complex diseases.

Reservoirs: Identify organs or tissues which act as hiding places for potential viruses which have not yet settled in their specific location.

In the Northern hemisphere of the Earth, the negative poles of the BMPs tend to establish themselves in the right half of the body, while in the Southern hemisphere, they tend to establish in the left, due to magnetic current rotations.

Common diseases are produced by a single pair, while complex diseases are the association of two or more pairs.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is Biomagnetic Pair not able to treat?

A: The magnets are not able to regenerate dead tissue. In other words, once necrosis of tissue or nerves has set in and there has been substantial damage to that body part, it is not possible for the magnets to regenerate it. Torn tissue may heal faster with magnets, however the initial tear must be cast before applying magnets. In the case of broken bones, again, the fracture must be cast in order for the repair process to begin. For these cases, one is urged to seek medical treatment first.

Q: Who is not eligible to receive treatment:

A: Anyone may have this treatment, except those who have had or plan to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The reason for this is that these forms of treatments are highly toxic and may interfere with organs normal function and cause harm or death. Patients who have had blood transfusions or organ transplants may be treated, however, because of the foreign tissue in their bodies, it is possible that scanning and detecting dysfunctions may be confused. Foreign tissue brings into the body genetic information that belongs to someone else, therefore, the therapist may have difficulty communicating with the patient's original cells.

Q: Does Biomagnetic Pair work for children?

A: Yes. This therapy is incredibly effective against childhood disorders and may prevent future adult illnesses when the pathogens are eliminated early on.

Q: My dog suffers from arthritis. Can Biomagnetic Pair help with pets?

A: Yes. All species of plants and animals are connected to a large bio-magnetic and bio-electric network. Not only are animals able to receive the benefits of Biomagnetic Pair therapy, but so are plants. Therapists trained in level 2 (Bioenergentics) are able to find pH imbalances within these organisms and treat their diseases.

Q: Can Biomagnetic Pair help with emotional or psychological problems?

A: Yes. There are various ways in which emotional and psychological dysfunctions are relieved. When a microorganism, such as a virus, bacteria, or parasite, causes a dysfunction in the endocrine system or the central nervous system, which regulate hormones involved in mood, sleep, sweat, hunger, pain reception, and other functions--the glands are not able to process those hormones properly. Some of these hormones include Acetylcholine, Serotonin, and Epinephrine, which act as an adrenaline regulator, an anti-depressant, and emotion regulator respectively. Once the pathogen has been eliminated and the glands return to their normal function, the hormone processes are restored and emotional and or psychological problems are either reduced significantly, or disappear.

There are also cases that do not involve pathogens but rather simple electromagnetic distortions within the CNS. Magnets are able to balance these distortions, making the CNS better able to regulate the endocrine system. In this sense, Biomagnetic Pair therapy works in a similar way to acupuncture, in that the bioelectrical system throughout the body (Chi) is re-routed.ns from the toolbar.

Q: Is this therapy effective against autoimmune problems, like AIDS, arthritis, and Lupus?

A: Yes. This treatment is extremely successful in eliminating AIDS, arthritis, and Lupus, because unlike traditional treatments, it does not involve medication that suppresses the symptoms, rather it eliminates the microorganisms that cause them.

Q: How many sessions are necessary to relieve the average illness?

A: Generally, only one session is necessary. However, there may be cases that are complex, which means that many pathogens are causing multiple disturbances throughout the body. In these cases, it is recommended to return for another session if the symptoms have not cleared.

Q: How often should one get treated with Biomagnetic Pair therapy?

A: Therapists' opinions vary. Some believe a yearly scan is a good idea for optimal health. Other therapists recommend only having the treatment when there are noticeable signs of a problem. It is up to the patient.

Q: Will this therapy interfere with medications?

A: No, magnetic therapy is not dangerous, and will not interfere with medications, dietary regimes, or lifestyle.

Q: If patients feel better after therapy, can they stop taking medications?

A: The best case scenario for therapists is that all of our patients' illnesses disappear and they can live med-free. However, we do not advise that they simply go off of their medications without first seeking advice from their doctors.

Q: What are the side effects?

A: There are generally no side effects. The person will begin to feel improvements within 48 hours of their first session. However, in rare cases, there may be what Dr. Goiz terms "curative crisis" in which the body begins to detoxify and expel the foreign organisms and their toxins. During this time, patients may experience a variety of strange symptoms, from headache to nausea. This may occur during the 48 hour post-therapy time mentioned above. Again, this rarely occurs and many patients feel great improvement afterwards.

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